Workflow Solutions with B2BE

Empower your organization’s workflow processes with greater audit, visibility, and control.

Product Overview

Multiple Workflows

B2BE’s workflow solutions cover many business processes designed to enhance the processing of documents and data through the B2BE environment. It also handles the interfacing with B2BE applications in the areas of procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Web Portal

All the B2BE workflows are available through the Web Portal and are designed to fit with the applications available through the B2BE Web Portal and with the back end B2BE document processing environments.

Key Features

Accounts Payable

B2BE provides several workflows to enable interaction with various functions in an organisation as well as suppliers. The workflows allow amongst many things the management of a debit or credit process, expense invoice approval and GL coding.

Document Management

Upload and process business documents into B2BE's EDI, Procurement, and Finance environments. You can upload documents and data and allow manual keying of documents.


The Procurement suite of products and solutions allows several workflows from product catalog upload to spend approval for requisitions.


B2BE's onboarding functionality within the Web Portal environment allows you to configure supplier access to the environment which includes, if required, supplier approvals.

Key Benefits


Highly configurable, business function-oriented design to improve processes provides higher levels of audit and control as documents and data are moved around the B2BE systems.

Audit & Control

The B2BE workflows being online mean that controls can be created so users cannot deviate from the defined workflow process while all the functional processes can be audited so as an organization you know who did what and when.

Plug & Play

The B2BE workflows are designed to work with the B2BE products and solutions so they are interoperable.

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