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Manage your printed documents, reduce costs, and automate the processes.

Product Overview


B2BE’s outsourced print management product removes the need to manage the time-consuming process of managing a print process in-house and having expensive print and post equipment.

Digitization & Consolidation

Data files can be transmitted automatically to B2BE where they will be collated based on the same endpoint or client. Then, they are printed using the defined document overlay to emulate your hard copy document and posted.

Fully Automated

The B2BE postal solution is fully automated from your organization's perspective and is fully auditable and all documents will be available online.

Workflow Packaging

If you combine the print product with electronic document distribution products such as EDI and email, B2BE can work with your organization to process print-based documents to more efficient electronic document distribution methodologies which will improve efficiencies and costs further.

Key Features

Any Document Type

B2BE printing products can handle the transmission of any document type.
Client invoices and statements are ideal as these produce large volumes which take time to manage within your organization.

Online Document Availability

All documents sent are indexed so they are available online for retrieval in a PDF format, via the B2BE Customer Centre, or your own branded B2BE web portal.

Intelligent Document Routing

The document routing application allows you to define by vendor or client and by how they receive the document and in what format. This powerful tool allows you to change the document routing method from print to EDI, email, or facsimile in an instant.

Return to Sender Management

B2BE can also manage the return to the sender process in which mail that could not reach their destination can be routed back to the appropriate department or person so your systems can be updated, and the document re-sent.

Key Benefits

100% Document Distribution

Enable 100% automated document distribution from your business and let B2BE manage the manual print processes for non-electronic documents or to augment electronic document distribution.

Automate Processes

Eliminate costly and repetitive document handling processes putting resources into more proactive business activities.


You can reduce print charges using the B2BE print collation services. This ensures as many documents with the same client are collated into a single article to reduce postal charges.

Plug and Play Connectivity

B2BE’s print products can be combined with other B2BE document outsourcing solutions to produce a powerful document distribution suite and help drive down document distribution costs.

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Print Management

Print Management

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