Product Overview

Whether you want to use the B2BE fax gateway as a standalone fax solution or combine it with other B2BE products the B2BE fax gateway is a flexible way to send documents to trading partners, who are unable or don’t want to receive electronic (EDI) documents or to fully automate your document distribution processes.

B2BE will take your documents in a defined electronic format, which may emulate your EDI data file, if your organisation uses the B2BE’s EDI products, formats the data with the relevant document overlay and sends it to the nominated fax number, locally or internationally.

B2BE can take the fax number from the data or the fax number can be housed in the B2BE environment and cross referenced when the document is sent.

Key Features

Automate document transmission
With B2BE’s fax gateway you easily send electronic data automatically from your system to B2BE and B2BE will manage the overlays and formatting of the documents, automate the transmission via facsimile and give you access to the documents online.

Any document type
B2BE can handle the transmission of any document type via facsimile. Which documents types go via fax gateway is only limited to what will give your organisation the most efficiency gains.

Intelligent document routing
If you would like to manage, or have greater control over how documents are emailed you may want to look at the Document Routing application available within the B2BE web portal product.

The document routing application allows you to define by vendor or client how they receive the document, in what format and who is copied or blind copied, if B2BE manages your emails as well. This is a highly powerful tool where documents may need to be sent in different ways, formats and to different recipients.

This enables your organisation to manage the complexities outside your system and make changes with a couple of clicks.

Online document availability
All documents sent using the B2BE fax gateway are indexed so they are available online for retrieval in a PDF format, via the B2BE Customer Centre or your own branded web portal environment.

Full audit trails
All documents sent via the B2BE fax gateway have a full online audit trail. This means you know your faxed documents arrived.

Full error handling capabilities
All faxes sent via the B2BE fax gateway have full error handling capabilities. If a fax fails, users are notified via email so they can rectify the issue before re-sending.

Key Benefits

100% document distribution
Enable 100% automated document distribution for a document set or type for non-electronic documents or to augment electronic document distribution.

Automate processes
Eliminate costly and repetitive document handling processes. Put resources into more pro-active business activities.

High volume documents
Ideal for any document type but particularly suited to high volume documents such as client invoices, statements, supplier purchase orders and remittance advices. All documents are managed and tracked ensuring a full audit trail

Plug and play connectivity
B2BE’s fax gateway can be combined with other B2BE document outsourcing solutions to produce a powerful document distribution suite. When you’re already using B2BE’s EDI solution adding the same document type used in EDI, email or print and post to be sent via facsimile is very simple.


Facsimile Workflow

Why us?

Great Products

Great range of interoperable e-based products to help your organisation remove manual processes.

Integrated Solutions

Configurable plug and play solutions to automate you’re supply chain and business processes.


A great team with a broad range of industry based experience your organisation can leverage from.


Passion is crucial in our people. They believe in our company and what we offer to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing so your organisation can achieve lower costs and better return on investment.

Great Support

B2BE pride ourselves for our support levels during implementation, delivery and for your on-going needs.

More Information


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