Trade Documents Electronically Using EDI with B2BE

Trade with all your trading partners electronically on B2BE’s EDI Network.

Product Overview

Secure Environment

The B2BE managed EDI network is a secure and reliable communication infrastructure and environment for the transmission of electronic documents and data.

Automated Documents & Data

Handles the translation, mapping, enrichment, and validation of the documents and data. It creates a highly efficient automated and integrated environment that is managed by B2BE.


It removes the need to allocate specific resources, hardware, or the requirement for software. All your organization needs are to be able to send and receive data in a format you can handle.

Key Features

Any Document Formats

B2BE’s EDI product enables you and your trading partner to exchange EDI documents in any format. It can be an industry-based standard like UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12, cXML, or a proprietary format.

Any Protocol

It easily handles any transmission protocol including SMTP (email), (S)FTP, HTTP(S), AS2, Web Services, and many others.

Any Requirement

B2BE sends and receives electronic documents and data securely over the internet from your network via the B2BE EDI network to a trading partner’s environment. It can also send into a trading partner's EDI provider’s network - based on everyone's requirements.

Document Validation and Workflow

As documents are processed through B2BE’s EDI network B2BE can automatically validate your trading partner’s document content based on a set of defined business rules or for tax requirements. Only after validation and translation is it sent to your business system, removing exceptions and slow delivery turnaround times.

Validation for Taxes

Document validation is ideal when your organization is receiving invoices from suppliers and need to ensure they have complied with your business requirements and regional taxation laws.

Data Enrichment Ensures Integration

If your trading partner cannot send all the data needed for complete integration, the B2BE EDI environment can automatically enrich or transpose the data in the document.

Document Visibility and Auditing

The B2BE EDI environment is supplied with access to the online Customer Center which has full document visibility with tracking functions and audit trails. This useful tool is a single point of information for all relevant documents that have transmitted through the B2BE EDI environment and can be configured for your organization’s employees to access.

Alerts and Reporting

B2BE’s automated notifications can let your organization know when an important event occurs (or doesn’t) so you can deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Monitoring and Service

B2BE’s systems teams monitor the network 24 x 7 so you don’t need to worry about it. Similarly, B2BE’s support personnel can be contacted for any queries if they arise.

Key Benefits


Optimize and automate business processes from paper to electronic format and drive cost savings through the removal of manual processes.


Interoperability to other networks when required and B2BE’s EDI product is the backbone of the B2BE suite of e-commerce and document management products and solutions.


We promote the reduction of the environmental impact through the reduction of paper-based documents.


Increase responsiveness and customer service levels and better meet customer demands and requirements or supplier engagement initiatives.

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