Document Digitization with B2BE

Easily digitize paper documents, such as invoices from suppliers. Streamline an entire process to be electronic.

Product Overview

Digitize Documents

B2BE’s document digitization product can convert manual documents (received in hard copy, fax or e-mailed) into EDI files for automatic uploading into your business system.

Turnkey Process

The digitization process allows for many records to be validated and enriched and can also incorporate data from other documents such as purchase orders.

Key Features

Document Collection

Documents can be collected from designated locations prior to scanning or forwarded to a defined mailbox or location for pick-up.

Document Preparation

The documents are prepared for scanning, removed from envelopes, removal of staples, and collated by document type.

Document Validation

Once scanned and loaded into the digitization environment, data is captured based on the requirements associated with the document and validated against a set of business or process rules.

Document Workflow

Validation failures allow a document to be manually managed for re-processing, or shared back to the initiator for rectification and re-sending.

Full Audit Trails

All documents have a full audit trail from document receipt, through processing, and finally transmission as an electronic file into your business environment. The audit trails are available online and are linked to the documents.

Online Document Access

All documents managed through the digitization process are indexed so they are made available online for retrieval and viewing in an easy to manage PDF format.

User Roles & Permissions

All documents are indexed based on the retrieval requirements. and access is based on a user’s permissions and access levels so sensitive documents are not shared with the wrong staff or trading partners.

Key Benefits

100% Electronic Document Receipt

Receive 100% of your supplier’s invoices electronically, with no human intervention. Easily combined with B2BE’s EDI products.

Automate Processes

Improve document processes through additional automated workflows and routing by automatically loading digitized documents into your business system.

Improve Throughput

Improve document processing and throughput times so functions like accounts payable can focus on value add and proactive areas.

Improve Visibility

Increase document visibility across your business. Once documents are digitized through B2BE’s online tools, they can be shared where necessary.

Remove Hard Copy Document Storage

Remove the need for hard copy document storage and retrieval as all documents are available online and can be downloaded in seconds.

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Document Digitization

Document Digitization

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