Supply Chain Products Designed to Improve Efficiency, Throughput and Output!

The B2BE range of products can be delivered independently to meet a specific business process improvement requirement or can be combined to create an end to end supply chain solution. How much does your organization want to automate?
B2BE believes that managing your supply chain processes should be as automated as possible.
B2BE’s products are designed to enable you to trade electronically with your trading partners, automate your accounts payable and accounts receivable environments and processes, improve procurement initiatives and deliver greater visibility and collaboration to your trading partners.
B2BE’s products are interoperable with one another which means B2BE can facilitate straightforward EDI requirements through to entire business processes improvement initiatives.
To find out more about what B2BE can offer please review our range of products.


All your documents are available online and in one place, no more paper! Store all of your organization's electronic and hard copy documents that are scanned online, available through a secure online portal. Who needs paper anymore?

B2B E-Catalog

Does your organization need a solution that allows you to sell through new channels, to improve your sales efforts, or to simply reach new markets or territories? Do you need to provide catalog content to clients through punch-out? That’s what B2Be’s E-Catalog product offers.


Still receiving paper documents from your suppliers such as invoices? Why not get them digitized so you no longer need to process, manage, and handle paper, and then everything is in an electronic format and available online?


Do you need to respond to customer’s EDI requirements to trade electronically? Do you want to embark on an electronic EDI based onboarding solution to trade with your suppliers? If the answer is yes, B2BE has all your bases covered with B2BE’s EDI product.

Email Gateway

B2BE’s email gateway allows your organization to send automated data to B2BE for formatting and on-sending via email. Your organization can then be fully automated so all business documents are emailed combining email with other B2BE products for a more powerful document management solution.

Field to Invoice

Instantly convert your approved FieldFX Tickets into customer-ready e-Invoices with seamless delivery. The Field to Invoice (FTI) Plug-in is a fully automated, delivered solution that instantly converts and seamlessly transmits approved FieldFX tickets.

Print Management

B2BE’s print management product allows your organization to send data to B2BE for automated formatting, collation, printing, and transmission via post. You can then combine B2BE’s print management product with other B2BE products such as including EDI and email and B2BE has given you the means to move printed documents to electronic documents, improving processes, efficiencies and reducing costs.


The B2BE Web EDI product is an online product designed to enable electronic trading of business documents from a buyers’ perspective while providing a simple approach to suppliers who cannot support a full back end to back-end EDI integration.

Web Portal

The B2BE Web Portal is an online hosted environment that provides access to a range of B2BE’s supply chain applications, modules, documents, and data which is highly customizable and configurable to enable you to collaboratively interact with your trading partners, on either the buy or sell sides of your organization in one place!


B2BE’s procurement accounts payable, document management, and accounts receivable products have many dedicated plug and play workflow solutions are all designed to manage the input, throughput, and output of business documents and data online between you, your trading partners, and the B2BE solutions.

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