Industry overview

The publishing industry has become more complex based on the number of channels books go to market. From traditional brick and mortar book stores, who may be independent or part of a larger chain, to large multinational online stores like Amazon and the Book Depository.

Book sales have been climbing over the years but the channels to markets have grown. And this is where B2BE can help. B2BE can integrate between the larger online stores to smaller independents and chains. From publisher to distributor and into allied channels where books can be found such as airports and FMCG retailers.

B2BE’s Pacstream solution is a good case in point. In the Australian market B2BE joins all the publishers, book sellers and wholesalers to create and seamless publishing solution.

Meeting complex customer requirements in the publishing space is what B2BE does.

B2BE products and solutions

EDI from B2BE supports purchase orders, invoices, ASN’s and other critical business documents electronically, reducing manual entry, and its associated errors, throughout the publishing supply chain.

B2BE currently provides the following solutions to the publishing industry:

  • Support purchase order, ASN and Invoices via EDI
  • Supplier web portals and online EDI document tracking
  • Immediate access to publishers and booksellers network via Pacstream within the Australian and New Zealand markets
  • Bookstore EDI onboarding programmes

Achieve with B2BE

Contact B2BE to discover how our publishing solutions have achieved:

  • 100% electronic supply chain integration for publishers, wholesalers and book stores
  • Supports any document type but typically for publishing: purchase order, POA, ASN and invoice processes
  • EDI Integrated directly to core systems to allow for smooth business processes
  • Automation of manual processes to remove costs and errors
  • Access to Pacstream



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