New Pipework for the Industrial and Plumbing Industry

Industrial and Plumbing e-commerce solutions to improve business efficiencies and the amount of pipework.

Industry Overview

Whether you are a supplier looking to trade electronically or a merchant looking to trade with your suppliers, EDI is becoming a minimum requirement for this sector.

B2BE Products and Solutions

B2BE products and solutions are built to support multi-site ordering and client and aid in unlocking the savings within the procurement, supply chain management, and account departments through our range of integrated e-commerce solutions.

Our any-to-any, always-on, e-commerce solutions reduce the complexity of trading electronically with multiple suppliers or customers.

B2BE currently provides the following solutions to the Industrial and Plumbing industry:

  • Fully integrated EDI for customer and suppliers
  • Support purchase orders, order acknowledgments, ASN’s, invoices, etc.
  • Supplier Web Portals
  • Web EDI for non-EDI capable suppliers
  • Realtime dashboards and management information
  • Supplier EDI onboarding programs
  • Integration with third-party logistics providers
  • Synchronized parts and pricing data exchange
  • Three-way matching invoice management

Achieve with B2BE

Contact B2BE to discover how our industrial and plumbing supplies solutions and achieve:

  • 100% electronic supply chain for purchase orders, ASN’s and Invoice processes
  • Multichannel sales support through traditional in-store and online orders
  • Automation of manual processes to remove costs and errors

Companies B2BE Connects to

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