Mixing Chemicals for Greater Automation

Helping glue the chemical supply chain together electronically, driving electronic document integration (EDI), automation and helping to integrate complex and diverse chemical supply chains.

Industry Overview

The Chemical industry contributes to almost every sector imaginable: automotive, food and agriculture, hardware, advanced manufacturing, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and mining equipment, the list is almost endless.

Automation can therefore have its challenges based on the level of diversity and the different ways chemicals are sold, consumed and re-consumed in ancillary products.

B2BE Products and Solutions

B2BE has help many chemicals-based companies over the last 15 years integrate their supply chain, both suppliers and buyers. This may range from paint-based manufacturers and retailers integrating their suppliers to large multinational chemicals companies integrating their customers electronic documents.

One thing in common however is how diverse the integrations have been. From Just in Time (JIT) ordering in the automotive industry to specific standards supported by different markets and geographic regions.

B2BE provides the following solutions to the Chemicals industry:

  • Fully integrated EDI solutions for customer and supplier enablement
  • Supports all document and supply chain documents in the chemicals and allied industries
  • Web Portal solutions for enhanced visibility and document management
  • Web EDI for non-EDI capable suppliers
  • Supplier and customer EDI onboarding programs
  • Integration with third-party logistics providers

Achieve with B2BE

  • Fully managed EDI solutions which includes validation and enrichment solutions
  • In solution auditability and control using a number of B2BE’s visibility tools
  • Support for all document formats used in the chemicals industries
  • Support any protocols and standards and supporting chemicals industries with PEPPOL
  • Full automation of chemical supply chain documents to reduce costs, effort and improve efficiencies

Companies B2BE Connects to

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