Punch Out

Punch-out to your supplier’s catalogues to order goods or support punch-in on your sell side for customers, punch-in or punch-out, both fully supported
  • Supplier Catalog Punch Out
  • Buyer Catalog Punch In

On your supply side, the Punch Out solution enables you to Punch Out to supplier catalogs so you can browse and order products externally from your inventory master environment. This solution enables the reverse purchase order process and through the B2BE EDI product integrates with your procurement system so a purchase order can be created and sent electronically to the supplier.

On the sell side of your supply chain, the B2BE e-catalog can support punch-in so if you have customers who want to be able to access your catalog, browse and select goods using a punch-in approach this can be supported as can the corresponding reverse purchase order process.

Key Features

Secure & Customizable Access Control
Provide content based on the type of user visiting the catalogue through custom access. Pricing and content for public users or specific content and pricing for account users via a login.
Easy Content Management System
Product information such as images, pricing, and technical specifications can easily be managed. You have full control over updates ensuring content remains relevant and accurate.
Online Shopping Cart
Provides online payment facilities to both your customer accounts and the public using a secure payment gateway. It can also be linked to your own bank’s payment gateway providing seamless transactions.
Fully Customizable Design
B2BE’s Punch Out product offers a customizable design that allows it to emulate the same look and feel like your website to provide a seamless user experience for your clients.
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Attribute Management
Enables you to design the way in which you set up and manage products based on key attributes. Build logical and uniform ways in which products can be categorized.
Key Benefits


Optimize and automate business processes from paper to electronic format and drive cost savings through the removal of manual processes.


Interoperability to other networks when required and B2BE’s EDI product is the backbone of the B2BE suite of e-commerce and document management products and solutions.


Increase responsiveness and customer service levels and better meet customer demands and requirements or supplier engagement initiatives.

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