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B2BE’s PEPPOL access point means your organization can trade with multiple partners that are connected into the PEPPOL trading network, one connection a world of opportunities

B2BE as an Access Point provides your organization with immediate access to the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network and all the trading partners who exist on the network.

If your organization trades with public bodies participating on the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network, you can spend time and money becoming accredited or let B2BE handle the integration.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

On average, an e-invoice is $20 cheaper than a paper invoice and slightly cheaper with a PDF invoice.

Less Time and Errors

E-Invoicing standards ensure the information exchanged is correct and of high quality and the automated process reduces manual handling and the re-keying of information, resulting in fewer incorrect or lost invoices.

Reliable and Secure

The e-invoicing network provides a secure and safer channel, more than email, because invoices are received directly to your financial system via approved and authenticated participants. The standard also does validity checks such as business numbers to lower fraudulent accounts.

Reduced Payment Times

Most governments aim to offer 10-day payment terms for all invoices to promote the use of e-Invoicing.

Connect Once, Trade with Many

Once connected with the PEPPOL network, businesses can trade with multiple partners that follow the same standards regardless of software they use.

Environmentally Friendly

It is an eco-friendly process as it eliminates paper and requires less energy. B2BE can help your organisation with:

Immediate Access to PEPPOL Network

As an accredited service provider, B2BE’s access point provides immediate entry to the PEPPOL e-delivery network and all of its trading partners.

Integration with ERPs & Finance Systems

With a great deal of experience, we can handle PEPPOL connectivity and technical requirements for ERPs and Finance Systems.

Combine with EDI

You have the option to use PEPPOL as a standalone or combine it with EDI and/or other existing solutions. This means you only need to focus on delivering documents in and out of your ERP or finance systems and B2BE will handle the PEPPOL connectivity and technical requirements. In fact, B2BE has a great deal of experience with many systems so even managing the integration with your ERP isn’t too difficult.

You could take PEPPOL as an out of the box stand-alone solution or combine it with an EDI, or any other solution you already have in place with B2BE.

Get in touch with B2BE to discuss PEPPOL connectivity and pricing.

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