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Key features of document creation workflow solutions

Document Creation Workflow Solutions | Key Features | B2BE

In this article, we look at what factors are important when selecting a document creation workflow solution.

Creation workflows streamline the management and approval of documents within a business. They help reduce manual effort, minimise errors, and ensure that documents adhere to business standards and regulatory requirements for various types of documents. Whether the documents are invoices, purchase orders, contracts, or reports, businesses can use and enhance their document workflows to improve efficiency and maintain data integrity.

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our followers what they look for in a document creation workflow solution.

What to look for in a document creation workflow solution

When looking for a document creation workflow solution, it’s advisable to look for the following:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Supports any document
  • Data validation
  • Easily manage line details

Cloud-based solution

Cloud-based solutions emerged as the top priority among respondents, with 50% highlighting its importance. It offers several advantages, including accessibility from any location, real-time collaboration, and scalability. These solutions enable employees to create and manage documents from anywhere, using any device with internet connectivity. This flexibility is particularly valuable in today’s hybrid work environment, where team members may be dispersed across different locations. Additionally, cloud-based solutions provide scalable resources, allowing businesses to easily adjust their capacity based on demand without the need for significant upfront investments in infrastructure. Robust security measures in cloud solutions also ensure that sensitive data is protected, and compliance requirements are met.

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Supports any document

Supporting any document type is another key feature that garnered 25% of the votes in our poll. Versatility in handling various document types is crucial for document creation workflow solutions, as businesses deal with a wide range of documents, including invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and reports. A solution that supports any document type ensures that all relevant documents can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow, reducing the need for multiple systems and minimising manual interventions. This capability enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and streamlines the document creation process across different departments and functions within the business.

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Data validation

25% of respondents also highlighted data validation as an important feature of document creation workflow solutions. Data validation ensures that all documents created within the workflow comply with predefined standards and business rules. This feature is essential for preventing errors, reducing discrepancies, and maintaining data integrity throughout the document creation process. Data validation tools automatically check the accuracy and completeness of documents, flagging any issues for correction before they impact the workflow. By ensuring data accuracy and compliance, organisations can avoid costly mistakes and maintain smooth, efficient operations.

Easily manage line details

While the ability to easily manage line details did not receive any votes in our poll, it is important to consider it as one of the factors affecting document creation workflows. Managing line details involves handling specific data points or items within a document, such as line items in an invoice or individual clauses in a contract. While the ability to easily manage line details was not a top priority, it remains a useful feature for specific applications.

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