Want to See Who B2BE Partners With?

B2BE has successfully partnered with many organisations to provide B2BE’s clients with a wider range of solutions and services that fit seamlessly into B2BE’s.


Whether it is with an EDI network to provide interconnection requirements or companies that provide specific regional requirements, B2BE, therefore, partners with a number of organizations to improve services offered to our clients.

B2BE partner with a number of organizations to improve our service offering for our clients, whether it’s with an EDI network to provide interconnection requirements or companies that provide specific regional requirements.
Some of our partners are listed below, are some of our partners.

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EDI and VAN Partners

B2BE interconnects with many other EDI providers (VANs – Value Added Network).
This means that your documents can not only go to B2BE’s extensive network of trading partners but B2BE can also exchange your documents with the clients of other EDI providers.

ERP Partners

Software authors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) partner with B2BE so that their customers can benefit from B2BE’s suite of transaction cost-reducing and business process enhancing solutions.

B2BE works with a variety of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers and their resellers to supplement their services.


B2BE partners with numerous other organizations in specific areas and geographic regions designed to enhance B2BE’s solution offering.

Other Partners


Innovit’s globally certified PIM solutions manage, optimize, and accelerate the syndication of a company’s product master data for omnichannel and e-commerce growth.

Our user-friendly interface, coupled with 100% configurable data models and workflow capabilities on the cloud, ensure that Master Data and Product Information propel businesses forward cost-effectively, efficiently, and easily.

Innovit’s pre-configured data synchronization modules provide out-of-the-box data validation and publication capabilities for GS1, a National Product Catalogue, and leading e-commerce portals like Amazon and Alibaba.
Operating since 2000, Innovit has based Sydney with offices in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne.

Liquid Frameworks

LiquidFrameworks is changing the way oilfield, industrial, and environmental services companies manage their mobile field operations.

Our industry-leading FieldFX software solution enables our customers to streamline their “quote-to-cash” processes, working both online and offline from the Internet.

More specifically, FieldFX helps eliminate revenue leakage due to mispriced/omitted items on sales quotes and field tickets and accelerates cash by collapsing the time from job completion to the accurate submission of an invoice to the customer, which, in turn, reduces Days to Invoice (DTI) and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

FieldFX paired with the Field to Invoice (FTI) plug-in, built by B2BE, instantly sends electronic invoices and supporting documents to customers and e-Marketplaces. The results are dramatic savings and increased value throughout the entire organization.

OnPay Solutions

OnPay Solutions is the leading solutions provider for all things Accounts Payable and payments related. We help companies streamline AP processes by converting expensive paper-based payments into digital ePayments. Eliminating antiquated AP processes has never been easier.

Our unique approach to client and vendor satisfaction allows you and your vendors to log in to our cloud portal at any time from anywhere and access payment processing status, vendor information, remittance data, and more. Say goodbye to stacks of paper, manual processes, double work, fraudulent activity, and outdated paper checks. Issue payments with the click of a button from a basement or a boardroom. Best of all, our solution allows you to turn AP spend into profit through virtual card rebates, giving AP departments the Midas touch. Enable remote No Touch Payments in 30 days or less.

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