Happy Christmas from B2BE

Christmas 2017
B2BE wishes all its customers and partners a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

B2BE Netherlands moves office

B2BE Dutch Office

As part of B2BE’s growth in the Dutch market and with the acquisition of SPFI B.V. B2BE has moved into new offices.

You can find the details on the contact page or you can find us here. Read more

Billentis Report 2017: e-Invoicing & e-Billing – Significant market transition lies ahead


Remember if you want a copy of the Billentis 2017 e-Invoicing & e-Billing report which provides up to date information in relation to the current global e-Invoicing and e-billing metrics, evolving models available to end users and takes a look at the global landscape and how different regions are faring with the uptake of e-Invoicing and e-billing click here to request the report. Read more

B2BE acquires Dutch EDI specialists SPFI B.V.


B2BE are excited to announce that we have acquired SPFI B.V. a Dutch based EDI service provider.

B2BE and SPFI provide a wide range of complementary EDI and e-Commerce based supply chain solutions that when combined will provide both organisations’ clients with access to a greater depth and breadth of products, services and markets. Read more

B2BE launches new website

We are happy to announce the release of the new B2BE website, where you find yourself now. Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about and understand our services, products and solutions that we offer within the e-Commerce space, particularly in the areas of document management, accounts payable and receivable and procurement environments. Read more