Our weekly supply chain bulletin – 21 June 2022

B2BE Weekly Supply Chain Bulletin - 21 June 2022 | Blog

This is your weekly supply chain bulletin from B2BE for the week beginning 20 June 2022.

Each week, we publish a summary of the latest news stories from across the supply chain industry. We cover the issues important to you, providing useful links to longer articles. This ranges from news about different supply chain disruptions to strategies to mitigate the damage. We also include other relevant supply chain related updates. If you missed it, you can read last week’s edition here. Read on to see what’s making the news this week.

‘It’s a perfect storm for women’: tampon shortage adds to women’s supply-chain woes

Women across the United States have reported they have had difficulties finding their tampons of choice. Manufacturers are boosting production to meet demand and the shortage may be temporary. The tampon and sanitary pad industry is worth an estimated $3 billion a year. While the tampon shortage does not appear to be as severe as the formula shortage, it is adding another layer of stress for women. Edgewell Personal Care, the manufacturer of Playtex, said a lack of raw materials and labour shortages had hurt the tampon supply. Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of Tampax, controls more than half of the domestic tampon market.

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Motor insurers ‘facing challenges from rising costs and supply chain issues’

Motor insurers are facing demands from rising prices and supply chain challenges, which may mean drivers waiting longer for repairs. Despite cost pressures on insurers, the average insurance amount paid has fallen to its lowest level in over six years in the first quarter of 2022. The average rate paid for comprehensive motor insurance in the first quarter of the year was £416, the lowest amount since the third quarter of 2015, according to figures released by the Association of British Insurers. Its tracker looks at the prices that consumers pay for their cover rather than the prices quoted.

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Urban Splash modular failure to cost supply chain £12m

Papers filed at Companies House by the administrators of House by Urban Splash, a UK-based regeneration business, have revealed the scale of debts owed to the supply chain and a series of inter-company debts between various collapsed subsidiaries. The main operations were Urban Splash House Holdings Ltd, Urban Splash House Ltd and Urban Splash Modular Ltd. Urban Splash House owed £20.8m to unsecured creditors with £14.2m of that owed to intercompany debts. Urban Splash Modular Ltd owed £24m to unsecured creditors and Urban Splash House Holdings owed £8.3m. Invoices worth more than £12m held by the supply chain are now likely to be worthless.

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Outback Truckers star sounds the horn on Australia’s supply chain crisis: ‘Things have never been this bad’

Australia’s transport sector is facing soaring costs that could push smaller companies out of the sector and leave supermarket shelves bare. The cost of fuel for a standard all-day trip was about $1,800 in February. That figure has now jumped to $2,600, with truckers paying eighty cents a litre more and struggling to make profits. This is forcing drivers on a trip from Perth to Darwin to spend an extra $4,000, and this is passing the cost on to consumers at the supermarket checkout. Trucking firms are now implementing a ‘fuel surcharge’ to every job to cover their transport expenses.

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