Our weekly supply chain bulletin – 1 August 2022

B2BE Weekly Supply Chain Bulletin - 1 August 2022 | Blog

This is your weekly supply chain bulletin from B2BE for the week starting 1 August 2022.

Each week, we bring you a rundown of the latest news stories from across the supply chain industry. We cover the issues most important to you, bringing you useful links to the full articles. This ranges from news on various supply chain disruptions to strategies to lessen the damage. We also include other relevant supply chain related updates. If you missed it, you can read last week’s edition here. Read on to see what’s making the news this week.

Accenture supply chain experts’ analysis of Ukraine war

2,550 large U.S companies have a Tier 1 supplier from Russia or Ukraine. More U.S companies have a Tier 1 supply base from this region than European companies. Most would say the war is a European issue, but this Tier 1 connection changes that. There is also the Tiers 2 and 3 Russian and Ukrainian suppliers that deliver to the Tier 1 suppliers. This impacts 80,000 U.S companies when looking at Tier 2, and 340,000 U.S companies at Tier 3. Ukraine and Russia are home to companies delivering early upstream in supply chains, close to key natural resources.

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Academic publishers forced to delay new titles in supply chain crunch

Academic publishers have had to delay publication of new books and absorb rising costs as they struggle with paper shortages and shipping delays. Groups in North America and Europe said printing schedules are taking at least twice as long, forcing them to alter publishing plans and use other types of paper and more expensive on-demand printers. A growing number of companies in the sector have warned of disruption stemming from paper shortages following strikes by workers in Finnish mills, as demand for books and packaging materials still is high. This has come amid price rises in all parts of the printing process.

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Supply chain struggles reported by Switch manufacturing partner

Hosiden Corp, an Osaka-based firm responsible for making Nintendo Switch consoles, has withdrawn its anticipated sales projections for the year and is citing problems with the purchasing of important components as the reason. This withdrawal could potentially spell future troubles down the line for Switch production. The company draws half of its revenue from Hosiden’s partnership with Nintendo. While Nintendo has declined to comment on Hosiden’s issues, the company is due to publish its earnings for the first quarter of the fiscal year. This should help our understanding of how the assembly corporation’s semiconductor shortage is affecting Nintendo’s sales.

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Hundreds of Aston Martin cars left unfinished amid supply chain struggles

Aston Martin has left hundreds of supercars unfinished as the beleaguered carmaker struggles to obtain parts amid supply chain struggles brought on by lockdowns in China and war in Ukraine. Aston Martin said more than 350 cars were awaiting parts, causing the firm to take a £80 million hit. They posted its eighth consecutive half-year of losses, fuelled by £134 million knock from foreign exchange movements. Revenues grew 9% to £499 million, led by demand for the new V12 Vantage and enthusiasm for its new DBX707. The company said it had delivered twenty-seven of its £2.5 million Valkyrie supercars.

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