New White Paper: COP26

After the progress made and decisions reached at the COP26 Climate Summit, B2BE are publishing a new white paper in reaction to this critical event. This new white paper seeks to explain how businesses can reform their supply chains to create a greener business model and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as how B2BE’s solutions can help them to achieve this.

The paper also explains the key terms used in popular climate discourse, such as the difference between ‘net-zero’, ‘zero-carbon’, and ‘carbon neutral’. Essentially, this will function as a glossary, not just for the rest of the white paper, but for anyone who wants to have a basic understanding of the different types of targets that are being considered.

As well as this, it summarises the achievements of, and the pledges made at COP26, such as the importance of eliminating coal-based energy consumption and the attempts to end fossil-fuel subsidies. As well as this, it discusses the importance of wealthier countries providing aid to developing countries who lack the necessary resources to end their reliance on fossil fuels.

Finally, we discuss supply chain sustainability and how supply chain automation is one important step in achieving this. We believe that the automation solutions, such as those offered by B2BE, are vital in creating supply chains that consume less and produce fewer carbon emissions, while also saving money and improving efficiency.

We hope that this white paper will serve as an important and easy to understand guide to where we currently stand in the climate crisis, as well as actionable steps that will allow businesses to reform their business models and reduce their energy consumption.

You can access our COP26 Whirw Paper by clicking on this link.

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