charlie harris

charlie harris

New White Paper: COP26

After the progress made and decisions reached at the COP26 Climate Summit, B2BE are publishing a new white paper in reaction to this critical event. This new white paper seeks to explain how businesses can reform their supply chains to create a greener business model and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as how B2BE’s …

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COP 26: Supply Chain Automation

Supply chain automation refers to the use of digital technologies to connect applications, improve efficiencies, and streamline processes in a company’s supply chain. This means the administration of different people, organisations, resources, activities, and technologies, involved in manufacturing and distributing a product or service, can be carried out with greater efficiency and speed. It can …

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COP 26: Supply Chain Sustainability

What is supply chain sustainability? In recent years, supply chain sustainability has become an important corporate goal as organisations seek to reduce the negative environmental impact of their overall operations. The term refers to the extent to which a company considers the environmental, as well as human impact, of their products’ journey from development to …

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COP 26: Key Terms Explained

We are living in a world of growing concern over our contribution to the planet. Over the next few years, the need and desire to reduce the carbon footprints of individuals, businesses, and countries will only increase. For many, who wish to make a positive contribution to the fight against climate change, it can be …

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