B2BE werkt samen met een aantal organisaties om ons serviceaanbod voor onze klanten te verbeteren, of het nu gaat om een EDI-netwerk om interconnectie vereisten te bieden of om bedrijven die specifieke regionale vereisten stellen. Sommige van onze partners staan hieronder vermeld. Als u wilt samenwerken met B2BE, neem dan contact op via de contactpagina.

EDI en VAN Partners

B2BE maakt interconnecties met vele andere EDI-providers (VAN’s). Dit betekent dat uw documenten niet alleen naar het uitgebreide netwerk van handelspartners van B2BE kunnen gaan, maar B2BE kan ook uw documenten uitwisselen met de klanten van andere EDI-providers.

ERP Partners

Software-auteurs en Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s) werken samen met B2BE, zodat hun klanten kunnen profiteren van B2BE’s pakket van transactiekostenverminderende en bedrijfsprocesverbeterende oplossingen.
B2BE werkt samen met een aantal ERP-providers en hun wederverkopers om hun diensten aan te vullen.


B2BE werkt samen met een aantal andere partners in specifieke gebieden en geografische regio’s die zijn ontworpen om het oplossingsaanbod van B2BE te verbeteren.


Entadata believe in helping businesses across the UK utilise their most valuable asset – their data!

Just imagine that you could collate all of your business data from your multiple data sources into one place for easy, interactive and intuitive analysis… The outcome being faster, efficient and more informed data driven business decisions based on fact.

Your business is growing and with this growth comes even more need to stay ahead of the competition and have full visualisation on all aspects of how your business is functioning in every department. The team at Entadata can help you to harness the collective intelligence of people across your organisation and turn your business data into actionable insights that transform businesses and gives you the confidence to make the most informed business decisions.


Innovit’s globally certified PIM solutions manage, optimise and accelerate the syndication of a company’s product master data for omni-channel and e-commerce growth. Our user-friendly interface, coupled with 100% configurable data models and workflow capabilities on the cloud, ensure that Master Data and Product Information propel businesses forward cost-effectively, efficiently and easily.

Innovit’s pre-configured data synchronisation modules provide out-of-the-box data validation and publication capabilities for GS1, a National Product Catalogue and leading e-commerce portals like Amazon and Alibaba.

Operating since 2000, Innovit is based Sydney with offices in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne.



LiquidFrameworks is changing the way oilfield, industrial and environmental services companies manage their mobile field operations. Our industry-leading FieldFX software solution enables our customers to streamline their quote-to-cash processes, working both online and offline from the Internet.

FieldFX paired with the Field to Invoice (FTI) plug-in, built by B2BE instantly sends electronic invoices and supporting documents to customers and e-Marketplaces. The results are dramatic savings and increased value throughout the entire organization.


Quantor Scanning Limited (United Kingdom) provides outsource scanning services.

Quantor has a reputation for successfully handling exacting applications where particular care, attention and exception monitoring is essential.

Quantor’s services include data capture, the scanning of any documents/drawings and microfilm formats, document management solutions, fully secure web hosting or document portal.

Quantor provides services to commercial companies, professional firms, charities and the public sector.

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