What processes add value through visibility?

In some sense this question relates to how streamlining will add value? If your organization embarks on streamlining your processes which aspects of those processes will best benefit by being more visible? B2BE look at how visibility will improve the processes with your organization and then configure and design the B2BE products and solutions to deliver the required levels of visibility.

For example, if components of your accounts payable transactions are made visible to your suppliers will this reduce the level of support, and distraction, your accounts payable personnel will have?

Who do you wish to collaborate with?

In many organisations processing transactional data, for example requires several processes to be completed across a number of areas of the organization. Improving visibility will help many functions, internally and externally. However, giving them the ability to be able to collaborate in the process to have buy-in and ownership will not only improve functional interaction it will spread responsibility.

B2BE’s products and solutions fundamentally allow greater collaboration so all functions in the associated organization process will have buy-in and take ownership which, by definition, helps process change.

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