B2BE’s e-solution and integration specialists have a track record in a wide range of industries. Our consultants have extensive experience from successful collaborations with customers, intermediaries and third-party providers since 1998 which can be attributed to a straight forward approach to planning and implementation.

Many of the projects we deliver will follow project management based methodologies such as Prince II to ensure that when B2BE initiates a discussion with a client we capture all the requirements during the scoping phase so statements of work can be completed accurately and the solution delivered is against the scope and client expectations.

However, we understand as an organization that things change during a project, new requirements are generated and business units may have conflicting requirements so at B2BE we have an approach to keep an open mind and will adapt to maintain flexibility.

Complete support to ensure rapid implementation
We establish a strong partnership with our clients during an implementation, ensuring each resource understands the client’s objectives and goals.

Coupled with the B2BE approach to planning the delivery of a project the ability to partner and support a client throughout all the stages of delivery ensures B2BE can deliver projects successfully and in a timely manner.

Systematic approach
B2BE’s technology consultants follow formal project management methodologies ensuring successful implementations which meet all project objectives.

Our hosted products and solutions ensure the minimal amount of training is required by a client and support services help customers quickly and comfortably work with our solutions.

Comprehensive post-sales services
B2BE can work with you on additional requirements including advanced integration work with other applications, software customisation, system fine-tuning, system configuration and other value-added services.

Once you embark on your process improvement journey B2BE can support you technically with a range of process improvement solutions that are easily bolted-on to existing products and solutions.


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