B2BE’s managed roll-out service increases your supply chains’ electronic (EDI) trading uptake. This improves your business processes, reduces costs and ensures return on investment.

You may choose one of B2BE’s document management solutions, for example. Allowing you to migrate documents from print and post to email, facsimile and online. B2BE’s managed roll-out helps increase documents via electronic processes taking away the technical management of the process from your team.

Communication programs
You may need to share information (e.g. EDI or electronic trading requirements) with your trading partners. B2BE can run communication programs for you.

Communication programs are tailored to your objectives. They can be mailed, emailed, websites, questionnaires, technical supporting documentation and other communication initiatives.

Account management
You will have a dedicated Account Manager, who will give on-going advice, support and direction between our consultants and technical teams and your technical resources. This ensures your e-commerce initiatives’ smooth deployment and growth.

Front-of-House technical engagement
Part of the e-commerce engagement with your trading partners is B2BE’s technical team, under the Account Manager, providing front-of-house technical engagement.

This means your internal technical resources can focus on internal applications and systems while the B2BE technical resources manage the external engagement from scoping, testing and into production.


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