When you choose a B2BE product or solution, to help you achieve the success and results you want, B2BE will support you throughout all the phases from review, design, development, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to maximize your return on investment. This ensures the project’s success and that you benefit from the supply chain efficiencies our services bring on an on-going long term basis.

Our objective is that when you implement a B2BE product or solution in your organization, it does what you want it to do and that it exceeds your expectations.

To do this we work with the various functional levels in your organization, mapping out current processes and designing a solution that improves them. With this approach we can ensure that what you want is delivered and we can provide to your organization any constructive feedback to the approach based on our experience and history in delivering our products and solutions.

Planning and Implementation

B2BE’s planning cycle ensures that all the requirements have been captured, there is a clear understanding of the deliverables and the projects key value add objectives to ensure a client gets what they want.

Managed Roll-out

B2BE offers a managed roll-out service to increase electronic take-up of EDI documents with your trading partners, either on the buy or sell sides of your business.


B2BE offer a range of support packages to meet with your organisations requirements and processes. Online 24 x 7 support with standard business hours support or extended hours support.


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