As is versus to be

To understand the return on investment the as-is process needs to be mapped and costed to define where cost reductions can be made. This will then provide the basis to determine what the to-be process needs to return. B2BE can help in this respect during any mapping processes but your organization needs to have a good understanding of the as-is processes.

Qualitative and qualitative return

Return on investment can be quantified always but some aspects of the qualitative returns are harder to measure. For example, you can cost out an accounts payable process to determine the cost of paying an invoice. But paying all supplier invoices on time and in full allows you to negotiate with suppliers when you want to move a payment date because you pay promptly is difficult to quantify.

So, bear in mind, many aspects of return on investment are qualifiable but some may now always be as easy to quantify but offer considerably returns.

Work on the ROI and aim for it

No matter which way you determine return on investment make sure, when the project has been delivered, it’s been achieved or bettered. B2BE like to think that as a supplier to your organization we have a better run rate on return on investment and want your organisation to share in this success.

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