B2BE’s clients engage with B2BE for a number of reasons. Some reasons are as simple as looking for an EDI solution to be able to trade with your clients whereas others are more complex solutions that will cross a number of different organisational functions and need to deliver a range of functional components.

When B2BE initially engages with a client it is always a good starting point to understand where our client wants to go and how B2BE can help them get there. In many cases it’s something small or for a specific need but inevitably there is a grander plan or it will grow and evolve organically over time into a much larger solution.

Understanding this at the outset helps tailor the solution and gives B2BE the ability to guide our clients from the outset so initial designs can be expanded upon more readily.

B2BE sees our client’s needs falling into four clear areas and B2BE will work with our clients toward these goals.

Automate and Streamline

B2BE’s products and solutions will bring automation and streamlining to your organisation which will drive process change and improvement. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want to automate and why?

Visibility and Collaboration

The overriding principle of the B2BE products and services is to improve visibility, and therefore control and buy in, to produce a collaborative environment.

Improved Efficiency

Efficiency is the minimization of the repetitive tasks associated with your organisation’s back-office environment and this is where B2BE’s products and solutions are targeted.

Cost Reductions

B2BE works with our clients in several key areas to improve processes, visibility, collaboration and efficiency. However, the key is, B2BE’s products and solutions deliver a return on investment.


Choosing a B2BE product or solution gives you access to a range of services and great service levels.


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