B2BE Covid-19 Update


The health and safety of our clients, suppliers, and personnel is paramount to us. We are acutely aware of the ongoing and evolving situation regarding Covid-19 and we are continuously monitoring updates from the various global health departments where B2BE provides services and employs personnel.

We trust you appreciate that our organisation will be cooperating with all advice issued by the authorities in the interest of ensuring the safety of our valued clients and personnel.

We are pleased to advise that our dedicated workforce has the capability to work from home (WFH) allowing the continuation of our services to our clients and have already implemented many of our WFH policies and processes. In-fact B2BE has been able to, in general terms, keep our current services and service levels in these uncertain times based on our pre-existing planning and WFH policies.

B2BE has been in business for over 20 years and through careful financial planning, we would like to assure clients that as an organisation we are able to weather the current environmental factors and will be ready to help support and grow your businesses again when we have globally weathered the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


You will be able to contact your B2BE support personnel via normal email methods. However, incoming support calls may need to be adjusted to facilitate WFH capabilities for each team member.

We suggest that if you need to contact B2BE support that this is done via email to ensure you receive the support you need at this time.

Project Delivery

The B2BE project and delivery teams continue to support current and future project requirements under the B2BE WFH arrangements. This may mean however there is some impact on current project delivery. However, we are committed to delivering our clients current and future project requirements where possible and are working to ensure our clients’ projects can be delivered in a timely manner under current circumstances.

Please contact your project or consulting representative or account manager to discuss any changes that may occur in the delivery of your projects due to the current evolving situation so we can work with your organisation to ensure we can maintain a close to normal service.

Sales and Account Management

B2BE sales and account management teams will also be available via email and telephone and can be contacted in the event your organisation needs to discuss any current or future requirements.

Sales and account management teams, based on current government health advice, will not be able to visit your premises as usual. However, they remain at your disposal while WFH.

We believe it is important to take reasonable steps to protect our clients and personnel as well as to prevent the unnecessary spread of the virus in our community.

As we implement further contingencies to combat this pandemic, our focus remains on the needs of our clients.

We are grateful for your understanding and ongoing support as we are committed to ensuring our services continue with as little disruption as possible.

Yours sincerely

Joe Ch’ng

How Businesses Can Use Document Digitisation to Improve Sustainability

Why should businesses aim to be more sustainable?

Did you know that more than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a loss of paper-based records?

We should all be aware of the huge role that paper usage has on the environment. Once paper is used and no longer needed it is sent to a landfill or incinerated by reducing the amount of paper we use as a business we help to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

A large reduction in waste would mean less pollution which would be made through fewer deliveries and less packaging which results in a more efficient procurement process. The cost of sending invoices can then be cut by upwards of 40-80%, this makes a significant saving!

At B2BE we are excited to move towards a more sustainable way of working, the content below shows how we plan to make more sustainable ventures within our industry.

Why do we automate documents?

  • Automating allows manual touchpoints that means you can deliver invoices by mail
  • The average document is printed five times. This can be reduced significantly through automation as they can be displayed, viewed and recorded digitally.
  • When documents are lost, it can cost between $350 to $700 and it can also help reduce the over-reliance of paper.
  • Reduces carbon footprint and operating costs by reducing these labour and paper-intensive functions.

Benefits of being sustainable

  • Reduction in routing and circulation costs for invoice approval.
  • Reduces errors and exceptions, whilst increasing the capture of trade discounts due to faster processing and approval.
  • Produces a diverse source of innovation and economic opportunity.
  • It establishes a robust reliable data gathering system that engages multiple levels of information technology.
  • Delivering 100% of your invoices to customers electronically.
  • Increase in compliance with audit requirements.
  • Improve relations with suppliers with highly efficient processes.

Reducing c02 emissions

  • According to NASA the latest measurement of c02 was 413 ppm, you can visit the NASA website looking at the global climate and see how significantly this has changed between 2002 -2016 alone. To control this, more sustainable options must be adopted.
  • Increased paper usage and waste contribute highly to co2 emissions.
  • Minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill, by considering the environmental performance of the supplier, as both the product and packaging materials should be minimized to prevent waste as much as possible.

Environmental saving made over the past 12 months, as of Feb. 2020

  • 90, 216, 167 documents are no longer printed – these are anything from e-catalogs to invoices, etc.  
  • 238, 172 reductions in co2/kg emissions.
  • 10, 826 trees saved throughout the last twelve months through digitising documents.

This can all be seen in real-time via our home page also showing the companies, trading relationships, and countries served.

Why we offer a sustainable solution

  • We offer a multitude of digital solutions that reduce the need for manual processing, which include procurement, e-invoicing, document distributions, and accounts payable automation. You can read further into this on our Digitisation Product Page.
  • Produces efficiency gains and saves money, producing fewer errors, and creates an overall operational improvement.
  • Through new sustainable suppliers can be connected to meaning connecting to companies that share our values.
  • In 2018 only 20% of sustainability professionals believe their companies’ efforts to integrate sustainability processes in their supply chains to be effective. We firmly believe integrating sustainability within all our products and solutions and that digitisation will be more efficient for B2Be as a company and all our suppliers and clients alike.

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