Billentis Report 2017: e-Invoicing & e-Billing – Significant market transition lies ahead


Remember if you want a copy of the Billentis 2017 e-Invoicing & e-Billing report which provides up to date information in relation to the current global e-Invoicing and e-billing metrics, evolving models available to end users and takes a look at the global landscape and how different regions are faring with the uptake of e-Invoicing and e-billing click here to request the report. Read more

B2BE acquires Dutch EDI specialists SPFI B.V.


B2BE are excited to announce that we have acquired SPFI B.V. a Dutch based EDI service provider.

B2BE and SPFI provide a wide range of complementary EDI and e-Commerce based supply chain solutions that when combined will provide both organisations’ clients with access to a greater depth and breadth of products, services and markets. Read more