Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Ltd complied with Kmart’s electronic trading three document policy…
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Document Management & Workflow Solutions

Document Management & Workflow Solutions
Combine and manage a single point access to…
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Purchase to Pay

Purchase To Pay
Enables sellers to easily create both SSCC labels &…
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Send and transmit electronic data through secure..



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Scan Packing for Better Supply Chain Management

The scan pack solution and electronic data exchange services provided by B2BE will empower your business with an integrated solution to allow you to introduce the use of scan packing, be compliant with your customer’s requirements or enable you to simplify the use of scan pack solution by eliminating the need for you to maintain scan pack software packages to comply with different buyers’ packing, labeling and ASN requirements.

The following details the B2BE products that can be used collaboratively to create entirely new processes to help improve the shipment of your goods and meet customer demand.



  • Address Complex Order Fulfillment Models
    Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are challenged to comply with increasingly complex fulfilment requirements for their retail customers. Emerging fulfilment models that require additional effort for suppliers to support, including Ship to Store and Cross-Dock orders-are growing in popularity.

    If your business is still heavily relying on paper or manual tracking systems it will be nearly impossible to accurately fulfilling orders that must be picked from inventory and packed according to rigid specifications from your retail customers.

    The B2BE Interlabel Scan Pack solution helps CPG suppliers streamline key fulfilment processes associated with complex trading partner requirements. Designed for suppliers who process large numbers or large varieties of shipment types.

  • Boost Productivity & Reduce Cost
    Throughout the order fulfilment process, it is very common in organisations to spend excessive amounts of time, effort and resources in picking and packing processes and yet accuracy is hard to achieve 100% of the time.

    B2BE Interlabel Scan Pack Solution will boost productivity and reduce costs by receiving order information in a reliable and usable format at the point of picking and packing the goods reducing manual data entry, therefore eliminating errors associated with item cross-referencing and generating of ASN’s and labels will increase data accuracy and eliminates error.

  • Establish a Solid Trading Relationship with your Customers
    Creating a quality streamlined and error free trading process with your customer is always one of the key success factors in building and establishing a solid customer relationship.

    Through the B2BE Interlabel Scan Pack solution, it will enhance relationships with trading partners by more accurately labelling cartons/pallets according to their requirements and eliminating over or under shipping. The seamless EDI integrated platform will also improve workflow and visibility into order status ensuring customer orders can be easily picked up, instantly and accurately for processing.

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