Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Ltd complied with Kmart’s electronic trading three document policy…
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Scan Pack & Barcoding
Enables sellers to easily create both SSCC labels &…
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Scan Pack Barcoding

Using the latest packing and label printing requirements, B2BE Interlabel Online Scan-Packing is a comprehensive online scan-packing solution.

Interlabel Online Scan-Packing enables sellers to easily create both SSCC labels and Advance Shipping Notes (ASN) via an online interface, using data from Purchase Orders sent electronically through B2BE’s EDI Transaction Delivery Network (TDN). It is highly configurable, enabling businesses to address individual picking, packing and shipping requirements.

Interlabel Online Scan-Packing is an affordable, cost-effective solution that is ideal for manufacturing plants, inspection agencies and consolidators that need to perform scan packing and shipment verification.


Scan Pack flow diagram

Key Features

  • Automatically downloads Purchase Order and packing instructions
    All orders, from trading partners requiring scan packed goods, are automatically routed by TDN (EDI) into Interlabel Online Scan-Packing.
  • Users can create packing lists
    Meets your trading partners’ required packing methods, by automatically generating packing lists using streamlined and simplified workflow processes.
  • Any type of scanner and handheld device
    Interfaces support the use of portable barcode scanning devices to streamline the pick and pack process, thus eliminating human error.
  • Multiple packing methods
    Extensive controls and validation enable multiple packing methods, pack-by-store, pack by case or packing for the apparel industry where complicated garment-style packing is required.
  • SSCC/UCC-128 label printing
    With Interlabel Online Scan-Packing you can generate UCC Compliant Shipping and Carton Labels before or during the packing process. Carton labels can be customised to your trading partner’s requirements.
  • Trade electronically using any format or transmission protocol
    With Interlabel Online Scan-Packing’s built-in connectivity you can deliver electronic (EDI) ASNs in any format (EDIFACT, ANSI X.12. etc.) to your trading and logistics partners, via our TDN system.Using TDN, you send and receive EDI documents with your trading partners using any document format and any transmission protocol. Document exchange with your trading partners can be integrated into your back-end system or interpreted by manual processing using an online interface.
  • Multilingual Interface
    Set interfaces in your language – Interlabel Online Scan-Packing supports multi-language capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • No maintenance and no software instillation
  • Complies with all your customer’s scan packing requirements
  • Grow other e-Commerce initiatives using its compatibility with TDN (EDI)
  • Integrates seamlessly with your business system(s)

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