Document Digitization

B2BE understands that your organisation may trade with partners who are unable to transmit documents or data in an electronic environment.

B2BE's Document Digitization services address this challenge by converting manual documents received through hard copy, facsimiles or e-mails into electronic files for automatic uploading into your business system

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Document Digitization gives you 100% of your supplier Invoices electronically with no human intervention and an accuracy rate of 99.8%

Document Digitization

Key Features

  • Document collection and preparation

    The B2BE Archive solution enables you to store online any document type, from Sales Orders through to Statements and Remittance Advices. Each document is uniquely identified and indexed based on it's unique identifier, Sales Order number for example so searching and retrieval is simple and quick

  • Document validation and workflow

    B2BE provides automatic validation of document content from your trading partners based on your business rules before it is passed through the B2BE TDN network and accepted into your business system.

  • Fully audit trails

    All documents sent through the B2BE Document Digitization solution have a full audit trail available so at any stage throughout the process B2BE are able to ascertain where the document is.

    For example, you may want to ensure that all mandatory information are entered correctly before accepting a supplier Invoice from your trading partner. If any required information is inaccurate or missing, the document is instantly rejected and returned to the sender for rectification or routed into a specific work-flow and managed internally.

  • Online document access and availability

    All documents managed through the B2BE Document Digitization solution are indexed so they are available online for retrieval and viewing in an easy to manage PDF format, via the B2BE Customer Centre .The interfaces can also be customised using the B2BE Web Portal solution so you can have the same look and feel as your current web presence.

Key Benefits

  • Receive 100% of your supplier Invoices electronically with no human intervention
  • Improve document processing times and throughput
  • Manage cash flow better when processing supplier Invoices
  • Improve resource allocation into more pro-active areas of the business
  • Remove the need for hard copy document storage and retrieval
  • Improve document processes through additional automated workflows and routing before the document is automatically loaded into your business system

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Document Digitization